Basketball Galore Part 1: 5 Reasons why I (still) Root for the Miami Heat

Posted On June 4, 2011

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As of this time, the effects of that great comeback of the Dallas Mavericks (and the massive collapse of the Miami Heat) in Game 2 of the NBA Finals are still being felt. With Games 3, 4, and 5 scheduled to be in Dallas, many people are starting to think if the series would still go back to Miami for a Game 6. Although I don’t have anything on the Dallas Mavericks, and wouldn’t mind if Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd (two of the finest players ever to play the game) win their first-ever rings, I am still rooting for the Miami Heat.


In honor of the 5 games (possibly) left, I would give 5 reasons why.


5. I want Miami to win because it would be the end of a long journey for the team.

Seriously, this team has been through a lot of scrutiny and the subject of a lot of doubt and even hatred, much of it undeserved in my view. They have also been through a lot, from that 9-8 start to losing close games. Despite it all, they still persevered and proved everybody wrong so far. What happened in Game 2 just made me believe more that a title would be an ideal end for this team.

4. I want Miami to win because the NBA might be different after this season.

With a lockout looming on the NBA’s horizon, the league might be a different place when the teams get back to playing. That is why I want the Big Three to win a title this year. I don’t buy what a columnist in ESPN wrote about why people should root for Dallas: “Pull for Dallas because Miami will get forklifts of rings someday. This might be Dallas’ last chance.” Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant would be looking for payback. Kobe is still around. Dwight Howard and Chris Paul might join forces on one team someday. Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire would have time to hone their teamwork. Boston’s Big Three would try to have one last hurrah. I know that Dirk and Jason Kidd deserve to win a title, but boy, they had to face the wrong team.

3. I want Miami to win because (personally) it would not look good if Shawn Marion would get a ring before Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire.

Let me clarify one thing first. I have nothing against Marion. He’s a good player and was a crucial addition to the Mavs. However, I think it’s an injustice if he gets a ring before his more talented ex-Suns teammates (especially Nash), and doing it by riding Dirk Nowitzki’s coattails. Steve Nash, at least, should get a ring before he rides into the sunset.

2. I want Miami to win because of Coach Erik Spoelstra.

Okay, I must admit that his Filipino lineage has a lot to do with it, but it goes beyond being a “kababayan”. I think that a championship for Miami will boost the NBA’s stock among Asian-Americans and Asians as well. Sure, Sun Yue and Mengke Bateer have won rings, but they did not have the same impact to their championship teams as Coach Spo has with the Heat’s playoff run. A success for an Asian-American coach will surely have an impact to the game.

1. I want Miami to win because of LeBron James.

Some fans and analysts are talking about LeBron along the lines of what happened before and during this season. “The Decision”, “Bump-gate”, the allegations of quitting, etc.  I think it’s about time that we stop talking about him along those lines and instead talk about how talented a player he is, and the best way to jump-start that conversation is by the Heat winning the crown. Michael Jordan was accused of egotism and having gambling problems, Kobe Bryant was accused of being an egotist as well, and the recently-retired Shaquille O’Neal also got a rap about not staying in shape during the off-season. However, they all got away with it because they had those rings.


So, we wait until Monday to see what will happen in Game 3. Until then, the Mavericks fans can soak up the glory of that Game 2 win they deserved.


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