The Person behind “Apelyidong Mayaman, Bulsang Walang Laman”

The blogger is just a simple young man. He has interests ranging from anime, politics, sports, geography, etc., but his personal life is somewhat more boring than a paint-drying contest. He often is mistaken to be rich, since he shares his last name with a wealthy and somewhat famous Filipino-Chinese family (clue: It’s not Sy, or Gokongwei…)

If you want to know more about him, just ask him to have a drink with you…joke! Just be friends with him first, since he does not give such “classified” information easily…


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10 Responses to “The Person behind “Apelyidong Mayaman, Bulsang Walang Laman””

  1. Jam Kuradoberi

    tara, let’s have a drink! XD

  2. mami_noodles

    We always have a drink…

  3. chibivy

    Waw. Me want to know your last name! Gyahahaha! šŸ˜€

    chibivy here from Japinoy!

  4. mami_noodles

    Clue: May konek siya kay Pauleen Luna…

  5. airaisane

    ano kaya… I’m totally curious now.

  6. maelfatalis is in the sky with diamonds

    Naku, chinese alert! Allergic pa naman ako sa intsik!

  7. gatchzilla


    Sorry to disappoint you, pero hindi ako Intsik. Nagkataon lang na paboritong gamitin ng mga Chinese immigrants ang apelyido ko. Pero I am as Filipino as you can get.

    • maelfatalis is in the sky with diamonds

      Hmm, ano kayang apelyido yan?

  8. wonderwall97

    aba, may bago kang blog posts ! ^_^

  9. gatchzilla

    Syempre…ngayon ginanahan eh…

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